Iowa Brew Beer

Peace Tree Brewing Company
Knoxville, IA

Red Rambler

This malty American Amber Ale is brewed with the finest quality pale, caramel, and lightly roasted malts. This complex combination of malts, contribute to the deep red color and malty flavor. This is balanced with the flavor, bitterness and aromas of three varieties of hops.

Hop Wrangler

Joe starts with American and English malt, then adds American and English hops during the mash, first wort and boil. Finally, it’s dry hopped in the fermenter for aroma. Belgium gets involved with the yeast and a special candy sugar finish for smoothness and flavor.

Backpocket Brewing
Coralville, IA


Don’t let the Slingshot’s color fool you, it has a light body, and smooth, subtle complexities that will remind you to never judge a book by its cover. Or, more likely, it’ll just remind you that beer is a pretty darn good thing.

Wooden Nickel

So, a German, a Scott and an Iowan walk into a Bar and… an entirely unique beer was invented. Traditional German yeast, hops and techniques, paired with the smoky flavor from Scottish malts, all somehow born in Iowa.

Gold Coin

Light, simple and drinkable at nearly every gathering you might be lucky enough to hap upon – as long as those at the gathering consider beautiful golden goodness something worth gathering about.

Penny Whistle

A hint of clove, a touch of cinnamon… Decide for yourself, but nope, there aren’t any gimmicks behind the flavor of this refreshing Wiezen. Just basic ingredients playin’ their favorite tunes.

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